World Traveller Photographer.

Hi, I’m Victoria.


Curiosity is something that I’ve always had about people, and naturally coming from Australia cultural diversity has always been a factor in everyday life. 

Sometimes clients ask me to show them my favorite photographs from my travels, portraits from my 50 + Project (have a look at as well as weddings.




Growing up, my parents were always busy, so naturally my brother and I spent a lot of time together, our imaginations were free and unlimited, laughter filled the house as we invented games and things to do. 

My father comes from the Greek Island called Limnos, including my aunty who is constantly surprising us with human abstract art, drawn from charcoal inspired by her many years in Africa. My mother always taught us to respect all people from all areas of life; she was very down to earth in her approach, that’s where I developed my ability to adapt and integrate with people and other cultures.


So unsurprisingly, I observed people.


I searched for an outlet to tell their story.


When I lifted up a camera at the age of 13, I could not stop taking pictures, documenting everything I saw.  Over time I grew to be more selective, yet fast with recording moments, which seem small and insignificant at first, and later are the moments with most impact.

It wasn’t till 2006 when I really got into photography as a profession.  I worked with various photographers in Sydney, Melbourne and LA.  At university I joined a photography society, and learned about some dark room basics.  When film photography became outmoded, and digital took over I didn’t look back. 

While at university I spent the weekends photographing life, as I did after work.  I ran an accounting firm for 8 years, and finished with an Arts (BA) majoring in Sociology and Anthropology, and soon after completed a Masters in Mkt (Direct Marketing). Perhaps I spent so much time indoors that I had the urge to go outdoors to photograph life.